Extra Power Eraser Floor Disc
Extra Power Eraser Floor Disc

Extra Power Eraser Floor Disc

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The Xtreme Extra Power Eraser melamine is now available as a floor disc. With a nonwoven back simply attach to your machine and allow the melamine technology to remove wax buildup, scuff marks, and bring back a shine to dull floors. The Extra Power Floor Disc is twice the density as the regular floor disc and includes a textured surface to provide more cleaning power. 

The Basotect® melamine resin delivers cost and time savings for professional floor cleaners. The melamine resin foam is used for polishing, scrubbing, and removing layers of grease and heavy dirt.  

This new type of pad system offers advantages to cleaning companies. It cleans without the use of aggressive cleaners. . Thanks to its slightly abrasive properties, Basotect® works like soft sandpaper. All you need to do is add water or very mild cleaning solution to thoroughly clean floors without removing its luster. This means that fewer work cycles are required and the final polishing step can be elimi-nated entirely. The pads are suitable for cleaning and restoring ceramic or porcelain tiles, VCT, concrete, terrazzo, and epoxy floors. 

The disc is available in the following dimensions: 13", 14", 17" and 20". 

Each pack contains 5 discs. 

Disc Thickness: 7/8" (1/2" compressed melamine, 3/8" nonwoven pad)

Note: Test on small area before applying to entire surface. Do not swallow or eat. Do not use on skin.

Made in Germany, Assembled in USA

Basotect® W is certified to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 in the highest and thus safest product class I: this indicates that the foam is deemed to be harmless to health when used or processed. No substances that are harmful to health are released or absorbed through the skin.